Get Connected

Get Connected

Steps To Getting You Connected

Step 1 - Which network do you want to connect to?

If your property is located within the Scanpower network area (Northern Tararua District), then proceed to the next step.

If your property is located elsewhere, you should contact your local electricity network company.

If you are not sure who your local network company is, the Electricity Networks Association provides a map you can use to find out who is.

Step 2 - Engage the Scanpower Network team

Fill in the Contact form (or give us a call) and let us know you wish to have a new power supply connection.

We will need some basic information including your contact details and the property address. If you don’t have an address, then a LOT or Deposited Plan (DP) number of your property title will be needed.

A Scanpower project manager will come and assess your requirements. Scanpower will design a suitable power supply and provide you with a quote to implement the work. Once accepted, we will issue you with a new ICP number and schedule the work to be completed.


Step 3 - Contact your retailer

Your retailer is the company you pay your power bill to. Tell them you need a new connection so they can arrange the installation of a power meter along with an agreement to pay for the use of electricity. Your retailer will need to know the ICP number and address of the property. If you don’t have an address (street number), a LOT or Deposited Plan (DP) number from your property title will be needed.

If you are moving to a property (eg: rental or purchased a new house), chances are there will be a power service already available and you won’t need us. Your retailer will provide you an ICP number and arrange to have the power connected.

Find yourself a retailer and plan through Powerswitch.

Step 4 - Scanpower livens the connection

Your electrician will need to notify Scanpower when the internal wiring is completed and is ready for connection to the network. They will also need to provide a copy of the Certificate of Compliance and Record of Inspection.

Scanpower will then connect and liven the new connection ready for the meter to be installed.  Your retailer will send a contractor to install the meter. (the meter is usually installed the same day)

Join the Scanpower Network and get connected _

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