About Us

About Us

We provide a secure and reliable supply of electricity across the Northern Tararua district _

Scanpower Electricity Network

Scanpower is an electricity distribution company. We own and operate a network of poles and cables that carry electricity from the National Grid to your homes and businesses.

Did you know that

  • there are over 6,700 customers connected to our network.
  • our network covers 2,100 square kilometres.
  • we employee 70 fulltime staff.
  • we sponsor a wide range of events in the local community.
  • each year, we distribute funds back to our customers by way of an annual network discount.

Scanpower Contracting

Established in 2003, we have been providing power related services to customers across the North Island of New Zealand and the Chatham Islands.

Operating out of 4 geographical locations in the lower North Island, our services include:

  • Design and build of new overhead and underground power systems
  • Electricity network maintenance and asset replacement projects
  • Glove and barrier live line work
  • New subdivisions and commercial installations
  • Installation of overhead fibre-optic cable
  • Professional project management and delivery of customer works


Treesmart is division of Scanpower, delivering quality advice and practical solutions for the management of trees and vegetation.

The clearance of encroaching vegetation is critical to those charged with running core infrastructure such as electricity distribution.

Our services help control trees and other plants from damaging key infrastructure and reduce the risk of vegetation related power outages.

Oringi Business Park

In 2008, Scanpower purchased the Oringi Freezing works site and buildings, and relocated our operations to the property.

The site has undergone significant development to what is now known as the Oringi Business Park.

The parks upgraded facilities have allowed a variety of industries to make this their home,  providing significant employment opportunities to the local and surrounding districts.

If you are interested in a commercial tenancy at the business park, please give us a call on 0800 80 80 39 or fill in the Contact form.

In the community

Scanpower is proud to be part of our community which is why we support events and organisation’s across our region.

We love getting behind local ideas that contribute to the growth and wellbeing of our communities. Each year we provide sponsorship through funding and promotion of local events and initiatives that benefit our region.

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Sponsored Events

Ross Shield

Scanpower is proud to sponsor the Dannevirke Ross Shield rugby team.

The team, made up of local boys aged under 13, is part of a long-standing tradition of junior rugby in the area.

Scanpower’s support will help the team with expenses such as uniforms and travel costs, allowing them to focus on playing their best rugby.

This partnership is an example of Scanpower’s commitment to supporting the communities we serve.

Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter

Since 2018, Scanpower has been a dedicated supporter of the Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter. The rescue helicopter’s services have proven invaluable to our district, having undertaken 38 missions to the Tararua District in 2022. We are delighted to maintain our longstanding commitment to supporting the Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter.

Woodville MotoXGP

The Woodville MotoXGP is a thrilling event for motocross enthusiasts, and Scanpower is proud to sponsor this exciting competition.

Held annually in Woodville, New Zealand, the event draws riders from all over the country and beyond to compete in a variety of categories.

With challenging terrain and obstacles, the race requires skill, speed, and determination. Fans can expect an adrenaline-filled experience, as riders push themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory.

With Scanpower’s support, the Woodville MotoXGP continues to be a highlight of the motocross calendar.

Kumeroa Sheep Dog Trials

The Kumeroa Dog Trials have been a longstanding tradition since 1912, and continue to draw crowds to this day.

Sponsored by Scanpower, the trials test the skills of working dogs and their handlers, as they navigate through a variety of obstacles and tasks.

The trials provide an exciting opportunity for spectators to witness the impressive abilities of these highly trained dogs.




Bam's Boxing

Bam’s Boxing is a local fitness club in the area, offering a unique approach to working out through boxing and martial arts training.

The club aims to provide an inclusive environment for people of all fitness levels, with experienced trainers on hand to guide and motivate clients.

Scanpower is proud to sponsor Bam’s Boxing, recognizing the club’s commitment to promoting health and wellness in the community.

  • Ross Shield

  • Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter

  • Woodville MotoXGP

  • Kumeroa Sheep Dog Trials
  • Bam's Boxing